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A joint venture between David, and his neighbours at Hanscomb Glass Studio and Mermaid in Elora.

You'll find it on Church Street between Metcalfe and Geddes Streets in downtown Elora.  

Stop by and have a look; take a selfie or a group portrait.

(Work is still underway with completion expected 2019)


The Base:  Marty Van Vliet and Mark Anderson

This is both literally and figuratively the foundation of the tower.

The poured concrete base is punctuated with antique farm parts and machinery components.

The famed quotes presented on the steps hint at humankindsí fascination with Time and itís struggles to measure and control it.


The Tower: David Cross, Rio Bravo Ironworks

The structural steel frame is fabricated from new materials.  The whimsical clockworks are comprised of reimagined

industrial components from the former Krug Furniture factory in Kitchener and re-purposed machinery parts from local farms.


The Face: Neil Hanscomb, Hanscomb Glass

Comprised of many individual, hand-cut pieces, the face was assembled and fused in a kiln, then finished with custom crafted hands.  

The refinement of the face completes the clockworks as they transform from the bulky lower levels to the more decorative top.

This motif is reflected in three accent panels as well.


All contents and product designs Copyright David Cross and Rio Bravo Service Corp.

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