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Works Currently on Exhibition

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February 21- March 31, 2019  Elora Centre For The Arts



Photo by Britt Swoveland

Arts Alive Outdoor Exhibition, Oak Bay, British Columbia

 Bocarrova interprets the exhibition’s theme “Balancing Act”. The tilted element that resembles a spinning top or a celestial body rests at angle similar to that of Earth’s axis.  We consider factors such as gravity, centrifugal force and inertia that must be in equilibrium for our planet to exist. 

Additionally, we observe an interaction; a relationship between organic forms (circle, arcs, elipses) and manmade features.  The steel plates in the “top” and those in the main structure are assembled using visible, mechanical steel fasteners.  The body is finished with vibrant metallic orange paint.


Available for delivery April, 2019

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Photos: David Gluns, Jennifer Smalls

Castlegar Sculpture Walk, Castlegar, British Columbia

 All is in motion: the future racing towards us, our memories vanishing in the distance. 

Some slender moments are briefly frozen, that we might know them, feel them, live them more fully.  


Available for delivery April, 2019  

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Finalist, Kingsbrae Canadian Sculpture Competition

 The top element is comprised of polished, stainless steel plates shaped and arranged to reflect and diffuse natural light. 
The gaps between the reflective plates allow an ever-changing play of light and shadow. 

The natural, organic shapes of the components contrast with the bright metallic materials and the industrial style fasteners to create a tension; a dialogue between the natural and the manmade.  We consider the role of man in the stewardship of the Earth, its air and its waters in particular.


 Currently on exhibit at Kingsbrae Garden,
St. Andrews-By-The-Sea, New Brunswick  

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