Cast Your Own Bronze! 

Introduction to Lost Wax, Thin Ceramic Shell Casting

This workshop is offered in two formats: a five-day program for those who want to "do it all and do it now!", and an evening program spread over six weeks for those with other demands on their time.

What You Will Learn

This is an intense, hands-on learning experience.  Participants will first model an object in wax and then take it to completion by casting it in bronze.  These will be small, solid objects about the size of your fist (max. 5lbs in bronze).  Activities and topics include:

  •  Selecting and modeling with wax

  •  Designing a feeding system with pouring cups, gates and sprues

  •  Thin shell ceramic materials and how to build and reinforce a shell

  •  Burning out – this is the “Lost Wax” stage

  •  Small scale furnaces and crucibles for melting alloys

  •  Melting and pouring bronze

  •  Cleaning, chasing and finishing

  •  Introduction to patinas for bronze

Note:  The focus of the workshop is on the process; not the object.  So, you don’t need to have any experience in sculpting or modeling these materials.  Those are just preliminary steps to get to the really fun part – Pouring molten metal!

 Objects You May Want to Cast

  •  Small human torso or bust

  •  Animal figure

  • Abstract or geometric form

  •  Disc or medallion

  •  Door knob, cabinet handles etc

  •  Knife handle or walking stick handle

  •  Candle holder

  •  Finial for gate or fence post

  •  Anything you desire (of suitable size)

 Who Should Attend

 This workshop will appeal to many individuals.  Students, artists or hobbyists who sculpt in different materials and want to understand how to translate their works in to metal will find this program invaluable.  If you work in clay, stone, glass or wood you can learn how to make bronze accent pieces to add to your projects.

 Others will find the knowledge of lost wax casting can be applied to casting other alloys such as brass or aluminium to make innumerable other objects or parts for projects.

 Or, you may simply want to experience the joy and satisfaction of creating, from start to finish, a wonderful piece of bronze sculpture.

Course fee $585.00 includes all materials, supplies and HST


Daytime Program:
May 25 to 29  Postponed

9am to 3 pm each day

Evening Program: TBD

To register call  (519) 658 - 7536  or email


Maximum 5 students per session.  Minimum enrolment needed for course to run as scheduled.  Deposit of $200.00 is required to reserve your place.  Balance is due 14 days prior to the start date.  Date changes and cancellations allowed up to 14 days prior to start date.  Changes and refunds subject to a $35.00 fee.  No refunds within 14 days of start date.


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